Running Games

Running Games

Everyone is invited to bring along scenarios or demos of their favorite games (or ones they’ve been meaning to try). Game slots are 2-hours long so any scenario or demo that runs about 1 hour and 45 minutes is perfect. Games that can accommodate 4-6 players are preferred but there’s always room for small games and pick-up games.

Not everyone who attends is expected or required to run games but the more people who can and do, the more fun we’ll all have.

Madison Games Day is designed to be short and sweet. We ask that everyone running games stick to the 2-hour limit. If you run over, the folks in your game may miss out on something else they want to try. If you run short, there will be quick pick-up games available to fill the time if you like.

Gamers are expected to bring the usual gaming gear but if your game requires anything special (playing cards, Jenga pieces, poker chips, etc.), bring it along.

Registering Events

If you are running a game, we encourage you to join our Yahoo!Group to let others know what you’re running (system name, edition, and scenario/demo description) and when you’d like to run it. Give as much information as you can, such as whether there will be pre-generated characters available and the number of players you can accommodate (4-6 is a good default).

Pickup games are encouraged as well so if you didn’t register an event, that’s not a problem. We ask that pickup games observe the posted event schedule just like registered events.


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