Sharing & Selling Games

Bringing Games to Share

There will be board games and card games provided at the event—but gamers are encouraged to bring their own! If you bring a game to share or make available to everyone, you may want to mark them so we can tell which game belongs to which person.

If you play a game brought by another member, take good care of it and make sure all the pieces find their way back into the box.

Selling Games

If you have games to sell (of your own design or ones from your shelf that you’d like to get rid of), there will be a table provided so folks can check it out at their leisure. Selling may be done right at the table, as well, after a session.

Games are encouraged to look at the available items between sessions, during the dinner slot, or after the show.

Note: The Madison Games Day coordinators cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss to games brought for sale or to share.


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